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I used Google’s Blog Search to initially search around, using varied terms, for a blog that caught my eye. I decided to use simple terms to get large results in my search of the blogosphere. I entered “library technology blog” and the title “Using Technology for Balance Instead of Guilt” caught my eye.

Jenny is the sole author of the site the Shifted Librarian. Jenny explains the overall theme is in the website name, which refers to trend towards people receiving information instead of seeking it, and how libraries will be affected. I agree with her point of view about the increased amount of information coming at you (through cell phones, email, tv, etc). This specific blog was to help share her experience in trying to find balance in staying updated and connected online, while also managing a job, family, and personal life; she shared her personal experience and opinions with such technology as Facebook, Twitter and smart phones.

Jenny’s blog was a mix of professional and personal. This was reflected in her writing style: informative, a teacher-like voice at times, but had a few humorous remarks. The layout was simple with muted tones, and minimal flashy distractions. There were about 12 comments from her latest entry, from yesterday. Her audience seemed to include other librarians, and her honesty got others to comment about their similar likes/dislikes and frustrations with the new technology. Overall, I enjoyed reading her blog, I agreed and disagreed at different points and appreciated the honesty and openness of others comments.

Here’s the link to Jenny’s blog, TheShiftedLibrarian.

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